Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treats internal disease and orthopedic disorders using a different paradigm than what is commonly used in the West. Chinese medicine focuses on finding the imbalances within the body which cause disease, and works to restore those balances so that the patient's body may heal itself. Instead of just addressing symptoms, TCM looks at the individual as a whole - physical, mental, and emotional are all aspects of the person taken into consideration.

TCM also has a large preventative aspect. Not only does it benefit those who are suffering from various ailments or pain, but also helps to maintain a state of well-being and prevent us from getting sick or injured. When our bodies are balanced and our minds are centered, we are better able to handle the stresses from day-to-day life - be they work, home, or school-related events. When this happens, our immune systems are able to work more efficiently to keep us at an optimal state of health.

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